Experienced Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement Workshops

These workshops will deepen our movement practice and will include guided movement mediations, Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement sessions, experiments with art media and time in nature. The workshops are restful and enlivening, meaningful and fun, welcoming and inclusive.




Spring Retreat: Awake We Dream
Portland, ME, Portland New Church

Friday, April 17 - Saturday, April 18, 2020

Friday, 6:30pm-9:00pm; Saturday, 10:00am-6:00pm

Faculty: Daphne Lowell

Prerequisite: Week I or the equivalent (30-35 hours moving & witnessing experience)

In this Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement spring retreat we will work with the themes of renewal, and hope. How might this practice offer us ways to awaken, refresh and rekindle? What sensations, thoughts, images might we find in us for new energy, inspiration, or guidance? How might our experiences here be informed by and infuse our lives and the “ground” outside? 

Spring breezes bring change, and with that possibilities, and choices. The weekend will include invitations - for those who wish - to explore themes I feel this season of transition and new light suggests. What do we hold dear, and what weed out? How might we cultivate the conditions for new growth, and how engage with obstacles or resistances if they appear? What opportunities do we create/embrace, and what shall we nurture?

We will practice with a mixture of structures including open question form, round robins, and various ways to reflect on discoveries, including silent witness. There’ll be time for work in additional creative materials and I will offer guided movement meditations for almost all sessions. In these we’ll work and play in our “gardens”, our earth. We’ll melt stiff bodies, minds and souls, tend to our sore spots, turn the ground to discover the life within, and open new terrain for what we hope to plant in/for the future.

For more information or questions, contact Daphne Lowell, dlowell@hampshire.edu, for registration/program questions. 

Local Host/Resource: Caroline Loupe, cmloupe@gmail.com. 

Fees: We are offering a sliding scale. Please pay at the highest level that is comfortable for you.

$225 - support another person's participation

$175 - registration real costs

$125 - reduced fee

Register by March 21st to reserve your space!

Lodging available via Air B&B in “University and/or Rosemont” area in Portland.

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Cancellation Policy: In case of special circumstances, tuition may be refunded or forwarded to a future program.


Experienced Workshop in Contemplative Dance
Minneapolis, MN, 
 The Ivy Arts Building, 2637 27th Ave S., Studio 206
Saturday, April 18 - Sunday, April 19, 2020

Saturday: 10am-5pm, Sunday: 10am-4pm

Faculty: Alton Wasson
Tuition: $225 Early Bird discount (register & pay by March 1), $250 after March 1

This workshop will deepen our movement practice. Experiment with dimensions of the process with a group of experienced movers. Included are guided movement meditations and explorations with art media and nature.

Come to the Friday evening Introductory Contemplative Dance Workshop on April 17, 6:30-9:00pm, for free, if attending this workshop. 

For more information, contact local host, Michael Gardos Reid, gardosreid@gmail.com, or Alton Wasson, 413-268-3294, altonwasson@comcast.net.

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July 26-31, 2020. Week II - Experienced Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement 

A 6-day retreat. Expand individual practice. Enhance witnessing. Dialogue about Authentic Movement in a community of peer movers. Daily warm-ups with live music, hour-long round robins, small faculty-led groups or peer groups. Choose between several options: sessions outdoors, work in other media, work with partners, time alone. 
Prerequisites: Week I or the equivalent, including witnessing experience.
Prerequisite for the Peer Group Option: Week II

For more information, including tuition and housing fees, see week-long page for more info


FALL 2020


Fall Retreat

Genesis Spiritual Life & Conference Center, Westfield, MA

October 16-18, 2020  

Friday 5:00pm - Sunday 1:30pm

Faculty: Daphne Lowell

Prerequisite: Week I or the equivalent

More details to come!




Winter Retreat 

Genesis Spiritual Life & Conference Center, Westfield, MA

February 25-28, 2021. Choose a three night or two night retreat.  

Retreat begins 3pm Thursday or 3pm Friday and ends at 1pm Sunday.

Faculty: Alton Wasson & Daphne Lowell

Prerequisite: Week I or the equivalent (30-35 hours moving & witnessing experience)

Limited to 14 Participants.

Poised in the moment, we listen. Being, in stillness and action, moves us.

Join us for a weekend of Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement practice in the quiet and comfort of winter. Together we will create spaciousness, permission and safety around transitions from old to new. In particular, we will explore spiritual dimensions of the practice, and silence and sound, using such practices as movers containing experience, silent witnessing and non-verbal forms of being in community. As always we will invite rest and play into our practice. 


Thursday-Sunday:                                                                                                                 Friday-Sunday:                                     

Tuition: TBA + In Residence Fees (Single Room, Board & Facility Fees): TBA or                 Tuition TBA + In Residence Fees (Single Room, Board & Facility Fees): TBA or 

Tuition: TBA + Commuter Fees (Meals & Facility Fees): TBA                                                Tuition TBA + Commuter Fees (Meals & Facility Fees): TBA

To reserve your space, send your non-refundable deposit ($200) and complete the registration form. Full/final non-refundable payment due TBA.

Genesis will charge an additional fee for gluten free or vegan meals (add. fee TBA) Please call Genesis to discuss any of your dietary needs (GF/Vegan/Food allergies/etc), 413-562-3627.  

Financial aid is available in the form of payment plans, work-study or scholarships, please contact us to apply. For more information or questions, contact cdance@contemplativedance.org.

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Cancellation Policy: In case of special circumstances, tuition may be refunded or forwarded to a future program.