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Week I - Introduction to Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement - 31st Annual!

Faculty: Daphne Lowell and Alton Wasson
Limited to 18

Dates: July 14-19, 2019
Sunday at Noon to Friday at 1:00 pm
Hampshire College, Amherst, MA
Prerequisites: none

A six-day progression of daily practice. Move or be still in a community of respect, compassion and support. Practice attention and acceptance, inner and outer witnessing. Daily warm-ups with live music to enliven consciousness in the body. Sessions using imagination in other media. Time in nature.

Week I is designed to introduce Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement to people with no previous experience. Through a carefully designed progression we will explore various dimensions of the practice. We will provide close faculty guidance in small groups, honoring the uniqueness of each person. The workshop is both restful and enlivening, playful and meaningful.


Guided Movement Meditation
Musical accompaniment by John Sprague
Preparing the body/mind. Releasing tensions, opening channels, and enlivening consciousness in the physical body.

The Core of Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement
Following the body’s impulses into deeper streams of consciousness through movement and stillness. Practicing attention and acceptance, inner and outer witnessing. Safely entering our own inner worlds in a community of respect, compassion and support. Reflecting on the experiences to ground and amplify discoveries.


Creative Forming
Inviting the imagination to play in other media – writing, clay, color, story. Diffusing the power of the inner critics.

Dancing in the Collective
The dance of the inner being, playing in community, active witnessing in movement.

Spirit Of Place
Exploring our relation to nature, its cycles, images, demands, possibilities. We will spend time in the natural world and be nourished by it in ways that enhance it as well. Reflecting on inner and outer ecology through movement, meditation and writing.


Some evenings we will play and celebrate together. There will be a pot-luck meal, an evening of live music and sacred play, and a ritual closing of the week.

Setting – Hampshire College, Amherst, MA
The Hampshire College 800 acre campus features beautiful orchards, woods, meadows and scenic hiking trails in the heart of rural New England, only a few hours away from New York City and Boston.

Two beautiful, clean, air-conditioned, sprung-floored studios provide ample space for the workshops. Housing is available on campus in small apartments. Single rooms with shared baths and kitchens. 


"The beauty of the workshop was that it stimulated every part of me – my dancer self soared,
my thinking self was intrigued and challenged, my growth-seeker found transformation, and my creativity spewed forth on every level.”

-Phyllis Jeswald,
Assistant Director of the Master’s Program in Dance/Movement Therapy at Antioch New England Graduate School
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Tuition Fees TBD 


HousingTBD/5 nights (Sunday-Thursday)

Extra night housing: TBD

An additional night of housing is available on campus the Saturday before and Friday after.


Online Payment

Financial Aid
We offer partial financial aid towards the tuition fees (not housing) in the form of scholarships and work-study positions. 

Financial Aid deadline for Week I & II 2019: Deadline TBD

Follow link below for application. Please contact us with questions. 

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