Year-Long Program II 2020-21

Dates TBA. Fall 2020 -  Spring 2021
Genesis Spiritual Life Center
Westfield MA

Work at a more advanced level, while maintaining the “beginner’s mind” so essential to this process. Examine important issues, such as: power dynamics, diverse modes of perception, and working in various contexts/environments. Design your year to meet individual goals. Bring a quandary or a question.  Experiment with the practice and explore new applications.

Six weekends (Friday 2:00-Sunday 1:30)
Each weekend includes: guided movement meditations/warm-ups, Authentic Movement sessions, practice and guidance in the witnessing relationship, exploration of the weekend’s theme, dialogue about the assigned readings, work with the imagination in other media, time outdoors, reports from participants about their connections to work and life, as well as silence and time to eat and laugh together.

Weekend Themes
The Chest of Drawers; Dreams; Transference and Power; The Senses, Sensuality and Sexuality; Body and World; and Life Stages and Endings


  • Contemplative Dance Year-Long Program I
  • Commitment to the entire program

Genesis Spiritual Life Center, Westfield, MA

Year-Long Program II -- Themes

The Chest of Drawers
Transference and Power
The Senses, Sensuality and Sexuality
Body and World
Life Stages and Endings

Year-Long Program II -- Fees (TBD)

We offer financial aid—scholarships, work-study positions, and payment plans. 

Please contact us with any questions. After receiving your application materials we will arrange an interview with you.

Susan Goode,
Apr 28, 2019, 7:56 PM