Online Workshops




Summer Retreat in Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement

for Experienced Movers

Faculty: Daphne Lowell and Alton Wasson

Dates: July 16-18, 2021. Friday 3pm - Sunday 1pm (EST)

Fees, sliding scale: 

$250 reduced fee

$300 cost of program

$350 cost plus help for others' attendance

On Zoom: Details and Zoom info will follow after your registration

Limited to 24 participants. 

Prerequisite: Our Week I or the equivalent CD/AM workshops (approximately 30 hours of mentored moving and witnessing practice, readiness to move for longer sessions, and to maintain safe boundaries)

Join us for this weekend of in-depth Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement practice. As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, let's move together through whatever changes, challenges, or gifts this liminal time might offer. 

We believe that embodied presence and compassionate witnessing of self, others and the world are ever-present needs, and that such embodiment grounds us and enables us to empathize with our fellow human beings. Witnessing is an act of loving kindness and non-judgment, of giving our attention to self and others while cultivating awareness of our lenses of perception. And we have found that whether in person or virtual, CD/AM can enhance all of these. 

The retreat will include moving and witnessing sessions, including some with silent witnessing, and round robins, some as a whole group, and some in smaller groups. There will also be guided movement meditations, and choices for working in partners, moving outdoors, and creative forming. And we'll take care to manage time on Zoom in healthy doses. 

So, let's move together to stir up our body's reservoirs of health and healing, call on our deeper streams of vision, and move forward with embodied hope and imagination. 

Your space will be reserved once we receive both the registration form and non-refundable payment. 

Register soon. Programs fill quickly!      

We know these may be financially challenging times. Contact us if the fee presents a problem. 

Cancellation Policy: Fees will be refunded if your space is filled by another participant. 

For more information or questions, contact