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FALL 2020


NEW!  Witnessing Time: Autumn's Equinox 

A Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement Meditation

Faculty: Daphne Lowell

Dates (choose one):     Tuesday, September 22nd, the Equinox


                                        Saturday, September 26th

Time: 10:00-1:00 and 2:30-5:30 EDT

On Zoom: Details and Zoom info will follow after your registration

Prerequisite: CD/AM Week I or equivalent CD/AM workshops (approximately 30 hours of mentored moving and witnessing practice, readiness to move for longer sessions, and to maintain safe boundaries)

The Autumnal Equinox is a time each year when the earth tilts neither toward nor away from the sun, and when day and night are just about equal in length, just about everywhere, all over the globe, and in the lives of all life. This magical moment of shared global equilibrium offers us a rich opportunity to explore our lived experiences of balance and equality (the same), and even of equity (fairness), in our bodies and in our emotional, social, spiritual lives. Where in our bodies and our beings do we find or seek balance, and where not? What do we appreciate in sameness, what in difference? How might these themes impact our choices, our actions?


We will practice Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement together, from wherever we are, in simple structures relying on inner witnessing as mover and/or witness and the practiced skills of each participant. I will also offer guided movement meditations inspired by these themes. For example, does balance offer stability, an experience of being centered? Or does it constrict, or limit? Is being “off” balance disorienting, or dynamic and generative? Are there things in us/around us that are equal but not fair? Fair but not the same? And how do we carry these, weigh these?


While we might prefer to practice and explore in person, the times require us to creatively meet in alternate ways. If you are new to Zoom, there’ll be help.  

To reserve your space: Submit the registration form and non-refundable fee by September 15th. We will reserve a place one both are received. Register soon. Programs fill quickly!

*Registration for both the 22nd and 26th are now full. Please contact us at if you would like to be added to the waitlist for either date!

Fees: $100

I know these may be financially challenging times. Contact me if the fee presents a problem. 

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Fees are non-refundable. 

Cancellation Policy: fees will be refunded if your space is filled by another participant. 


NEW!  Metaphors for Moving Body and Soul -- Weekly Warm-ups

Faculty: Daphne Lowell

4 class series: Thursdays, October 1, 8, 15, 22

Time: 9:30-10:15am EDT

On Zoom: Details and Zoom info will follow after your registration

Designed for those with previous experience in Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement

Join me for these weekly guided movement meditations on the physical and poetic senses in our lives. In these 45-minute Zoom "warm-ups," I will offer invitations for you to explore as you choose or discover. Each will be part caring and tending, part playful study of our habits and possibilities, and part deep listening to the songs of our souls. We'll dive right in each time, working with images and textures, body and being, and curiosity without criticism. We'll end with some open, unguided time. No special skill or preparation is needed other than clearing a safe, private space to move in. You may participate with your Zoom video on or off. So, let's move or be still together with the hum and the splash, the grit and grace of living. 

Space is limited.

Preregistration required. Submit the registration form and fee by September 27th. Confirmation and Zoom info will be sent once we receive both. 

*Registration for the October warm-up series is now full. Please contact us at if you would like to be added to the waitlist!

Fees, set of 4 classes: $40/$60/$80

Choose your price!

I know these may be financially challenging times. Contact me if the fee presents a problem.

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Fees are non-refundable. 

Cancellation Policy: fees will be refunded if your space is filled by another participant. 


Fall Retreat: Simple Gifts


Dates & Schedule TBA

Faculty: Daphne Lowell

Prerequisite: Week I or the equivalent (30-35 hours of Authentic Movement experience of moving & witnessing)

Participants: 8-12


Join me for this weekend of Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement practice working with the theme of replenishment. How might this practice nourish, and offer safe, supportive, perhaps surprising ways for us to be fed by the innate resources of body, heart, mind, imagination and will? And how might our inner and outer experiences of this theme inform and move with each other? The weekend will include invitations to explore themes inspired by this season and these times, and we will practice with a mixture of structures including open question form, round robins, and various ways to reflect on discoveries, including silent witness. I will offer guided movement meditations, and there will be time for work in additional creative materials. I believe that coming together to move and be still and reflect and listen and create and dream with a community of companions is itself a sweet and potent and deliciously simple gift. 




Financial aid is available in the form of payment plans, work-study or scholarships, please contact us to apply. 

Gifts towards financial aid for this program are welcome and appreciated. 


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