Witnessing Time: The Fall Equinox

A Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement Celebration

Faculty: Daphne Lowell

Date: Friday, September 22, 2023. 10am-1pm Eastern

Location: Online - Details and Zoom info will be sent after your registration

Prerequisite: CD/AM Week I or equivalent CD/AM workshops (approximately 30 hours of mentored Authentic Movement (AM) moving and witnessing practice, readiness to practice AM for longer sessions, and to maintain safe boundaries) 

Join me for a morning of Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement practice to mark this moment when the earth is in a kind of balance, just as it begins, in the north, to shift from summer to fall. This is a magical moment, when day and night are just about equal in length all over the globe, and the earth tilts neither toward nor away from the sun. We can pause, hold our breath, and perhaps imagine our globe doing the same before we all begin again to tilt onward on our life’s journey. 

The Equinox embodies a particularly rich bouquet of metaphors to explore – light and dark, balance and uprightness, and a moment of being the same shared with all life on the globe. Our morning will include a long movement session relying on the practiced skills of each participant in creating opportunity and safety. And I’ll offer guided movement meditations inspired by this day.

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