Enhance your practice. Learn ways of supporting others in theirs. Discover ways to integrate elements of Contemplative Dance / Authentic Movement (such as: witnessing, listening, active imagination, and the dynamics of projection) into your life and professional work. Prepare to participate in and create peer groups. Begin study toward facilitating individuals and groups. Explore a new theme each weekend.

Five Weekends at Genesis Spiritual Life Center, Westfield, MA, plus Week II at Hampshire College, Amherst, MA. In addition, each participant will receive a private session with each faculty member once during the year.

Limited to 12 participants.


  • The Body's Wisdom

  • Creativity and Active Imagination

  • The Shadow

  • Stages of Ritual and Rites of Passage

  • Inner and Outer Ecology: Integrating Our Practice into Our Lives

Prerequisites for participation in Year I:

  • Completion of our Week I or the equivalent.

  • Knowledge and experience of psychological dynamics; study, training, personal experience in psychotherapy, reading, other workshops. We feel it is important for all participants to have some degree of knowledge about this area. We include consideration of psychological dynamics in the programs, but feel people should also have other study/experience in it.

  • We designed the programs for individuals interested in bringing their discoveries from the year into their work and lives. Our participants are mature, and come with training/examined practice in their particular fields. They have engaged with the world and have life experience.

  • We require each participant to be able and willing to manage her/his inner material. This work can be quite stimulating, or challenging, to one's soul/psyche/body (which is one reason people practice it!), but this will not be a therapy group per se. Personal issues might well arise, and we will as a group create a safe space for each person's work to evolve, but we will not be your therapists. Our main focus will be on the witnessing and responding processes. We encourage participants to arrange for whatever supports they might need outside of the programs.

  • Commitment to the entire program.

We offer financial aid—payment plans, work-study positions, and partial scholarships.